Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Knee Surgery

So my right knee has been messed up for over a year now. I honestly don't even know what i did to it, but Brad convinced me to go to a Dr. and get it checked out before we were even engaged. I hate going to the Dr, but i decided to go in because i couldn't run/exercise at all without it killing me. The Dr told me some things to try to see if it would heal itself over time. A year later it was still hurting pretty bad, so i went back in. He broke the bad news that i needed surgery. Ugh.

So i scheduled it for the end of May. I picked a perfect weekend when Brad didn't have any organic chemistry tests, so i had him all to myself. I wasn't really nervous about the surgery until the night before. Brad gave me a blessing, and it just gave me the peace of mind that i needed that everything would be okay. What what i do without the priesthood?

I went in early Friday morning. Dr. Cooley at TOSH did the surgery, and i really really loved him. The surgery went well, and Brad and the nurses were making fun of me when i finally woke up, because they said they had been trying to wake me up for about an hour and a half. I was out! I guess i ignored the nurses that were trying to talk to me, and i would only respond to Brad. I feel so bad i don't remember any of it. I wish i could apologize to those nurses. Brad took me to his parents in Salt Lake after i finally woke up, and i had a nice 4 hour long nap. No pain meds. I was tough. 

On our way back home to Utah County that night, we stopped at the rich house in Draper that Kenny and Heather were house sitting at because everyone was having a pool party. I got to sit on the bricks and watch. I was still feeling pretty groggy and out of it, but it felt good to get outside. Everyone was laughing at my feet because the stuff they put on my legs for the surgery turned my skin orange and changed the color of my nail polish to green. So gross looking. 
 I got to wear this wrap for about 4 days after my surgery. I hated it! I couldn't get it wet, so you can imagine how fun showers were. Thank goodness i have a loving husband. 

6 weeks later, my knee feels great! I have been starting to run on it again, and it feels better than my other knee! I am so grateful for good Dr's that know what they are doing!

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